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A Recovering Physicist's Apology

"For All Your Rational Thought Needs"

Andrew Magrath
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  • biggrumpy@livejournal.com
Noteable Quotations:
"Isolate and suck."
"Got all gravel up in my face."
"It tastes like sharpie pens smell."
"~ suffers from delusions of mediocrity." alternatively: "~ suffers from delusions of adequacy."
"Sliding down the razor blade of life."
"Data do; Datum Does"
"happy" as a verb, 9th symphony, angel, anime, archimedean excogitation, arthur c. clarke, astrophysics, babylon 5, blizzard, books, bowling, buffy, carnivorism, chairdogs, cheese, classical dynamics, classical music, comics, constant vigilance, cornjob, cosmology, crow t. robot, department of backstory, doing science, dr. horrible, dr. mccoy, dr. ted nelson, dune, ed helms, endo, errors, ethics, etymology, feminist theory, firefly, fish argument theater, flamboyantly despotic, flippy: the budget porpoise, freelance asshole, gaming not roleplaying, gordon freeman, grappling hook dumping grounds, greasy anonymity, green party, h. l. mencken, half-life, history, humor, induction, information, japan, japanese culture, joe don baker museum, jon stewart, knowledge, leaving the bronx, lego, lembach, lewis black, lexicon, logic, mad-eye moody, mantis in my pantis, mark twain, mathematics, mc chris, mc hawking, michael j nelson, mike nelson, morality, movie sign, mr. bean, mst3k, mukami kamau, mystery science theater 3000, newton, npr, oberlin, oberlin college, ontological crises, osaka, otaku, other pretentious things, paradox, physicists, physics, pinky and the brain, plot convenience playhouse, pondering, prime numbers, quantum mechanics, religions, rowan atkinson, salty comments, satire, science, science fiction, shinkansen, skeet kendo, sociocultural theory, spinster lycanthrops, star trek, starcraft, steven colbert, super-celestial powers, supervillains, tanigawa, tasture, tasty beverages, the blackadder, the calculus, the colbert report, the daily show, the english language, the feeling of life, the future, the grand unified theory, the past, they might be giants, time, tom servo, transformers, trouser the arctic pooch, truth, useless facts, video games, warcraft iii, weird al yankovic, whimsical nihilism, wile e coyote, wind, words, world of warcraft, worm sign, writing, わくわく things, 大阪, 日本, 谷川中学校