Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath


Today was my birthday, which was pretty nice. I decided to take my birthday earnings and buy Guitar Hero 3 for the wii. It reminds me a lot of the hippest games in Japan while I was there (big time music games). I checked around town and I couldn't find it here so I had to drive to Canton. I went to ToysRus and the Wii section was decimated, there was nothing left (take that Sony). But luckily Beldon Gamestop had a copy, so I snatched that right up.

I played a few tracks and it is really hard even on easy but tons of fun. Look for my band Physucks to be playing sold out arenas soon. I'm the lead guitar Quantum Meth. I'm leaning towards, String Theory on bass, Rez-onance on lead vocals, and Forced Harmonic Oscillation (FHO) on drums.

Happy birthday to me!

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