Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath


"You’re a bloody PUPPET!”
I don’t exactly recall the circumstances of the final season, I know it was not suppose to be the final season but then the show got canned about halfway through or something like that. It shows a bit, but on the whole, I thought this season was amazing. I am a huge fan of the episode Smile Time. Even though it was about puppets and Angel became a rather kuddly looking puppet himself it was a classic mix of fun, villains, heroes, and plot. Spike yelling “You’re a bloody PUPPET!” was delivered perfectly. It is a shame this was the last season so many good new plot lines seemed to be springing up. The romance between Wes and Fred was a no brainer and tragically short. Eve was a deliciously ambiguously evil character. The return of Lindsey was shocking and I never saw it coming, unfortunately it lasted too short. I was very sad that the romance between Angel and the werewolf lady was cut so short. I am not against Angel falling in love with people other than Buffy, but she is his soul mate! Cordy’s final acts complete her transformation from vapid to complete heroine. It was sad to see her die and the episode was a real shock, and exceptionally well handled. Here I thought they were making room for an Angel/Buffy love affair again with Cordy out of the picture, but alas. Also I wanted to say that the actress that played Fred/Elyria did an amazing job with her voice and movements when she was both characters. She really shined this season. The season’s ending was forced with many loose ends just being snipped rather than really well tied. But the ending really did the series justice. Its ending was bitter sweet but mostly bitter. But thinking about Angel the tail couldn’t really end any other way, which is a shame. Equally sad is that Sarah Michelle Gellar was not/could not/or simply refused to be brought on for the final episodes. It would have been great to see Buffy again. Wes’s death, Elyria’s humanity, and Lorne being broken were all deeply moving and exceptionally well done. I do wish the ending was a little more concrete. When a mortally wounded Gunn, Angel, Spike, and Elyria face the oncoming wraith of the Senior Partners, you know what is going to happen. Yet this series is known for its twists, which is probably why the ending is the way it is, to leave it up in the air for a potential sequel. Re-watching the final sequence I wish we could have seen all the heroes fall, it is inevitable based on the odds. Just cutting away with the credits just as the first wave of attacks hits, doesn’t give it the conclusion that really sealed it for me. It would have been more powerful to see them fall in the battle, or win for that matter! Also Angel and Buffy not ending up together was a bit of a travesty, they are soul mates! Soul mates end up together for crying out loud, that is the whole point. Despite my disappointment in the final shots, Season 5 was really well done and I do not blame the writers, I remember they were under really difficult circumstances. In my search for Buffy seasons I have heard some rumblings that there may be a few made for TV movies which would do a better job closing everything up. I would like that a lot, the show at the beginning did such a nice job of crossing Angel and Buffy over shows, but subsequent seasons (because Angel switched networks) failed to incorporate the Buffy-verse with the Angel-verse and the overall flavor suffered. To have a real crossover with some finality to the story lines would be satisfying and a great project. All the same I think the Angel DVDs will be in my possession one day soon. As soon as season 1 of Buffy finishes downloading in a few days (tragically didn’t have it so it isn’t as fast) I will start the Buffy odyssey.

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