Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

We lost a lot of good data down here, Captain

This has not been a good day. I have not been sleeping well at all lately and woke up kind of sick today. I went to school, did my classes, and felt really icky by the end of the day so I went home. On my way I got a call from softbank telling me my phone was done, so I stopped off there. Whatever I did to break my phone I broke it hard. I'm thinking I fried the current scrubber that makes the current from the wall all nice and direct as well as constant. I recall smelling ozone when it officially died that day (never a good sign).

So I got a brand new same model phone for more or less free (500 yen) it comes with my old memory card so most of the pics I've taken are still there, but I've lost all my phonebook and conversation logs. This is really hard because there go my former student's contact information as well as other people that I will not really be able to get back. I was able to transfer the very bare bones phonebook I built on the loner phone onto my new one so I will not be starting from scratch again, but it kind of feels that way.

This unhappies me.

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