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Boo to you world, BOO TO YOU.

I had a great plan. I HAD A GREAT PLAN, DAMNIT! Fly to Hawaii, take a cruise around the islands. It was brilliant, for the price of travel, hotels, and food the cruise was really cheap. Then (and this is when brilliance drops it into overdrive) fly to Alaska and take another cruise down the Inside Straight see some glaciers (while they still exist) then fly home. You cannot mess with this plan. All the dates worked perfectly, I'm talking flawless. It was a great plan! Except it cannot work.

See I got screwed with my pants on. This is why I hate planning, because it gets you no where. From now on I should just leave the house with my keys and hopefully my wallet, no more planning than that, because planning is a waste of time. Here is what happened: the websites list cruise prices for a single person -- naturally -- but the ship only has DOUBLE rooms! Which means to enter the ship as an INDIVIDUAL, you have to pay as if you were TWO PEOPLE. Now my cheap way to see Stewart's Folly and Manifest Destiny's End are double the price. What the hell?

It is just a slap in the face. It is one of those "Haha! Andrew, nobody loves you. You're all alone in the world. You suck." I doubt my friends will want to do it because it is kind of expensive for just a summer get away and a little short (plus a lot of my friends either have plans or are cheap). It worked great for just me because it was the path BACK to my home I was going that way anyway why not stop off cool places? I did all that planning, it would have been perfect. Boo to you cruises!

Needless to say I'm incredably dejected right now. I'll look online for "singles" cruises which they occasionally offer, but how likely is this going to work out? Plus, a singles cruise sounds like the sketchiest thing I could ever imagine, like going to a bar to pick up a woman. Maybe I'm just introverted. Right now, I wish I had a nice girl's shoulder to cry on... OH WAIT! if I HAD a nice girl's shoulder to cry on THEN I WOULDN'T BE IN THIS MESS TO BEGIN WITH!

Boo. Boo this so hard.

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