Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The Day My World Changed

Saturday was a day that will forever be known as the day that changed my life. I decided that I needed to go into Osaka to see the much vaunted Yodobashi Camera. So I took the loop line to Osaka main station and walked outside. I saw a huge building and walked past it. I saw in the distance the Umeda sky building, a really strange building in the modern style. I took some photos of that and thought about walking to it, but Osaka streets are very oddly laid out and I couldn’t derive a clear path so I walked around the station some more and there on the giant building which I had previously written off as too big I saw the words, “Yodabashi Umeda.” I went in to discover the most amazing store in existence. Yodabashi is 13 stories tall. The basement to the 5th floor is all electronics. Everything in electronics: cameras, washers, computers, EVERYTHING. You plug it in they have it. They have a massage section with various chairs and foot massagers out that you can just sit in and enjoy. It is great! The 6th floor is toys and books. The 7th-9th floors are clothes. The 10th floor is a restaurant, and the 11th-13th stories are parking! It is amazing, simply increasable. I bought some great stuff there too. I got a bigger memory card for my camera, a memory card reader capable of reading my camera, cell phone, and parent’s memory cards, a back massager, and two magazines about Japanese figurines (very amazing detail) It is a good thing I didn’t go with too much money in my wallet because I would not have come back with any. I also got a gold members point card while I was there. Point cards are big in Japan, this one every yen I spend earns me some percentage of a point, I can then use my points as yen. I don’t recall what the percentage is but it is usually pretty good, and Yodabashi is no different. Ahh I can’t wait to get paid and go back!

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