Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Points Used

After nearly two years of points building at Yodobashi Camera (about 10-15% of every purchase goes to "points" and 1 point = 1 yen) I cashed them in today. I had built up over 50,000 points (about $500). I have a nice new computer from last year, so a new one seemed dumb. I can't buy a Japanese wii because it will not play US games, so there really isn't much more for me to get. That is until I got myself an absolutely beautiful, sexy, great (and incredably expensive) camera. I got the Canon Rebel XTi. My points made it a pretty reasonable buy, but I still payed a lot (I got the money though so why not?). My interest in photography has been building over the years and it was time to get myself a real camera. I also got the more expensive package that came with two lenses which will be really nice. Equally nice is that I earned points on this purchase so now I have about a $100 in points again (I love points) so I can get a back up battery, case, etc. All in all I am happy. My one fear is that my interest in photography is a result of living in Japan where it is beautiful and once I move back home that interest will wain. Brain pointed out that after buying this camera my interest will probably remain based on how much it cost :)

So the bottom line here is LET ME TAKE YOUR PICTURE!

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