Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Spiderman 3

I've had some time to swish it around in my mouth and feel I can write about Spiderman 3. Let me just say that it was really well done, but some major mistakes were made. I like it least of all the Spiderman movies, but more than the X-men films (except maybe the first one) so that puts it pretty high on my "cool" list. The big problem is that this movie should have been 2 movies NOT one. A friend described it as sounding like "Batman and Robin" which is unfair because 1) Batman and Robin killed comic book movies and 2) DC showed it cared nothing for the universe. Spiderman 3 was loads of fun, not as head-y or thought provoking as 1 and 2, but still you walk out with a smile. A much fairer comparison of Spiderman 3 is to Return of the Jedi -- in fact the original trilogy in general. The first was popular and good, the second was the best, and the third was a bit of a let down (compared to the other two) but still a lot of fun. Primarily the third spiderman movie is about the black suit and in that regard it does a very good job. The problem here is that it kind of (but not completely) wastes Green Goblin II and Venom. Venom in particular is disappointing because he was always the anti-Spiderman: being everything Spiderman is and at the same time none of the morality. From here some spoilers follow.

The movie did feel to manic. It was everywhere jumping from scene to scene plot point to point. It overdid it. Harry Osborn goes from Green Goblin II to best friend back to Goblin II in like four scenes. This can work for someone like the Sandman because he is the Mr. Freeze of Spiderman's universe. He is instantly recognizable as a decent man who makes mistakes. Trying to get money to cure his dying daughter (in the comic I believe it was his mother). His transition into monster at the end of the film could have been handled better though. Like Spiderman and the black suit it needed to show Sandman was intoxicated by power.

Venom looked fantastic. The symbiote behaved just like I always imagined it. The way it peeled away from Eddie's face and then replaced it was spot on. He was great, unfortunately he was kind of thrown away.

I see the necessity of the multi-villain system. Peter must have necessity to use the black suit even though he knows it is destroying him, but the movie should have been split. This is how I think it should have played out (big spoilers here)

Part one should have been Green Goblin II. Osborn gets gonked on the head, forgets and is best buds again. Spiderman acquires the symbiote and changes very slowly. With many more fights of him verse non-powered thugs, but he gets more and more violent. Starts to flirt with Gwen Stacey (hot physicists (note this is a redundancy)). Maybe basic intro to the Sandman and what he's all about. The black suit arc terminates with Osborn's memory returning, breaking up Marry Jane and Pete, so Peter hits him with the pumpkin bomb. Realizing how evil the suit makes him he goes to the church and purges himself of the costume. It falls on Eddie Brock and Venom is born. End movie 1

Next movie
Peter coming to terms with himself. Venom being bad, I'm thinking he kills Gwen Stacey. That was the end of the Silver Age of comics after all... Venom and Spidey have it out, again maybe there's some Sandman stuff, but I'm comfortable with him not even being around this time around. The movie should have been about Spiderman vs. Venom because as I have mentioned Spiderman is essentially fighting himself, in movie 1 he would literally fight himself and in this one he could fight the embodiment of himself -- deep stuff. I did not care for the Osborn/Spiderman team up at the end of the movie, so I'd cut that, though I like the necessity of Harry's death. A key element of Spiderman lore is that he can never get close to anyone or he will hurt them. I think more than any other hero Spiderman's "hero life" spills over and hurts his "civilian life" so I like the idea of Harry dying but I think it could have been done differently.

So who's left for Spiderman 6, 7, 8 (all confirmed I believe)
I'm thinking they will have their chance to redo Venom with Carnage
There's also The Lizard, Mysterio, Vulture (let's hope not), the two electric foes (both kind of minor in comparison), hmmm they could always do the Kingpin especially if it plays out like it does in the Ultimate Universe. Okay time to stop, there is a very slim chance that I will escape this entry with some dignity...

ohh there's always Hobgolin! CRAP!

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