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The Blues Brothers Band

"Every night I go to sleep: the blues fall down like rain." Except for last night! And why was that you may ask? Well because I saw the one the only the original (more or less) Blues Brothers Band last night. It was good. This was only the second concert I have been to in, for all intensive purposes, my life. It was at the Osaka Blue Note in Umeda (same place I saw Rockapella two years back). The Blue Note is expensive. It set me back 7,000円 ouch. But since I never go to concerts and this was the real band I gladly put out the money. I was a little disappointed by Daito Massive, only Chris came with me, but it was pretty expensive.

The amazing thing about the band is that it has been together forever, so they know each other very well. The sound was amazing. They were improvising and it sounded like a CD. They all gelled and it was scrum-diddily-icious. They could just nod to each other or do a hand gesture and the group knew that dude was going to play a solo. Man where they so good. The two people that played Jake and Elwood were also good. They sounded good and looked the part. Speaking of looking the part, a lot of people came in costume which made me super happy. Chris said the crowd could have been better, but I thought they were pretty excited for a Japanese crowd. The problem is the Blue Note is such a swank place that there were a lot of people that were not fans, but simply had money to burn. The people that came in costume and many others went nuts. Needless to say everyone in standing room only sang along. It was a good time.

They played for about 90 minutes, which was a little short for the amount I payed I thought, but I was in standing room only so it's nice that I didn't have to stand for too long. My biggest complaint was they did not sing Raw Hide. How do you get away with that, I mean legally? Chris and I went nuts for Soul Man, and then we were screaming "encore" when they did not play Raw Hide. So Chris started to sing it as loud as possible (it should be noted Chris had had a few at this point). A lot of Japanese people started singing too. So I did too. It got to the point that Chris was screaming "i-sei-no [the Japanese equivalent of ready set go]... Rolling Rolling Rolling RAW HIDE!" We did that about ten times, but the band did not come back. So, dejectedly, we left.

Still I left with a smile on my face and my voice hoarse from screaming. I got the complete Blues Brother's on CD. So good. Man can those guys play. PLAY IT STEVE!

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