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Last Train Haiku

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Previous Entry Last Train Haiku Mar. 26th, 2007 @ 02:12 pm Next Entry
An annoying aspect of the last train out of Osaka is that the second to last train only goes to Hanaten which is about three stations away from my station. So even if you get there in time to catch the second to last train you still have to wait around for the last train. While I was doing that last night I made some haiku about the predicament, enjoy:

Next train last towards home
This one is Haneten bound
Gakentoshi pit

Lights of the last train
Blinding as they come to stop
Safely take me home

Rumble and rhythm
Don't let them lull me to sleep
Suminodo bound

Suminodo desu
Home at last, local trains suck
Suminodo desu
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