Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Angel Season 4: Beware Spoilers Abound

This season really brought the goodness back! Season 3 was a let down, but 4 was amazing again. I think of season 3 as a season long wind up for season 4’s pitch. I had some complaints: I would have liked less evil Cordy and more of Jasmine’s justification. The Jasmine character was wonderful. I wish she was more flushed out. They did a great job stressing that she was bringing peace and happiness but at such a horrid cost. She wasn’t really a Fallen Power, her line about none of the other Powers that Be caring was really indicative of the series. It made you question all that came before. I also was a fan of Chip and to see that he was not so evil as I first thought when he officially went evil (if that makes any sense) made me happy. I really liked the ethical philosophy shown in the show. Jasmine, the ultimate consequentialist, willing to bring world peace and ultimate bliss at the cost of free will and the sacrifice of a few vs. Team Angel who fought against her for the rights of the individual, even if that was the right to destroy and hate. It was a great twist for team good guy to have to fight against what on the surface appears to be ultimate goodness. It served to further establish that in Angel’s universe there are shades of grey, not Good and Evil. This season was really well done, it got a little too relationship based, but all the characters were pushed to the edge. They all did things that were bad. But my favorite episode was “Spin the Bottle” it was a funny way to bring back the characters in their “old” incarnations, it was funny to see bumbling Wess and ditsy Cordy again. Fred’s character was hilarious, sometimes the writers really do nail the physics persona (and sometimes they are way off.) Angel from Ireland was equally well done. “Spin the bottle” was a great example of taking a contrived plot device “a magic bottle” and turning it into a tool to a better plot. I don’t think the final season will be able to compete, I am afraid I am going to hope that this was the last season. They seamed to indicate that the events were the Apocalypse, I mean they seemed pretty Apocalypsy to me! How do you top the Apocalypse, with your final season no less. The ending was the characteristic twist that makes Angel and Buffy so good. I am looking forward to the next season a lot because this season was so amazing, but I am also worried about the last season because I don’t want it to be as crummy as the third season was. With all of Angel almost gone, I am going to start downloading Buffy!

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