Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Me and my $10 box of graham crackers

Just sitting here watching Stargate Atlantis and eating graham crackers. And how much did this box of honey grahamy goodness cost me, $10! I know that is way way too much to pay for a box of graham crackers (especially considering they are not keebler elves brand), but I did anyway for this simple reason. It is not so much the cracker, it is the essence of the cracker, it is (simply put) what they represent. Like the delicious nectar that is root beer. These two goods represent all that cannot be acquired in Japan. They along with some cereal brands are a symbol of my food isolation, trapped among the land of octopus on a stick and beans that are prepared to have the consistency of snot.

Mmmmm graham crackers.

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