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You never forget how to fall of a bike.

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Previous Entry You never forget how to fall of a bike. Dec. 1st, 2006 @ 09:41 am Next Entry
Behold: I am the Greatest Human in the World! I am currently riding on cloud 9. I am currently running at about 100% Smile (1s)*. I had the honor of going to Sango Elementary School today, it was super fun. I taught 3 third grade classes. These kids were young and SUPER happy to see me. I just walked in the room and each class went absolutely nuts for me. Everything I said or did was quite possibly the coolest thing these kids had ever seen. Needless to say by the time I left I had a smile permanently attached to my face. The kids were incredibly sweet and exciting. I did my standard self introduction relay race™. They had a blast. The best thing about kids is that all you have to do is tell them that in this round the points are doubled and they are suddenly SUPER INTENSE. I got to eat lunch with them, we talked about apples, because we had about a 4th of an apple each in the school lunch. I had lots of "apple friends" which the kids translated as "apple's friends" (りんご の ともだち)... close enough! I had to go through the usual gauntlet of signing various slips of paper. I got lots of drawings of myself from the lunchtime kids. I took some pictures I'll probably put them up next time I update from my parents visit in the next few days.

The scary part of the day was I had to ride a bike there. My vice principal lent me his bike. I have not ridden since about 4th grade, I pretty much gave up biking after careening into the neighbor's hedge trying to make a turn too fast. Needless to say, that awesome ability has not left me. At one point a nailed a post taking the majority of the force on my knee. It will leave a bruise but I'm not seriously injured. I wobbled onward. On the ride home I could have lost a limb and still had a smile on my face.

*Anyone that knows me knows I am pretty obsessed with dimensions (such as the dimension of length is the meter, the dim of force is the Netwon, the dim of pleasure is the hedons - I kid you not - peasants probably call these "units" but I didn't get no degree in physics to NOT lord that knowledge over you). I frequently make up new units and dimensions for various things. At the mid year seminar the dance group talked about dancing with "100% smile" this, I feel, is the proper unit of smile. Smile is obviously an absolute quantity and it only makes sense to measure it accordingly. Much like setting the speed of light as your benchmark, "c", and measuring things in accordance (for example 50% the speed of light would be written .5c instead of 149,896,229m/s). It sounds like a little thing to do, but it cleans up a lot of equations. Smile should be measured like that! Thus I propose "s", such that 1s = 100% smile = a complete full smile. I am not sure how I feel about negative smile, for example, does -1s = -100% smile = a complete frown? Do the following identities follow: -1s = 1f and 1s = -1f? Future rigorous mathematics will be needed to see if this is a valid corollary. Remember the smile is a relatively new unit, some of its more unexpected properties have not been fully explored. Future updates may follow.
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Date:December 1st, 2006 10:59 am (UTC)
whose smile will be the bench mark? a big mouthed person like julia roberts? or a joy filled 3rd year when they see you? and how can you incriment it effectively? at what percent does the smile reach the eyes? and what about evil grins and smirks? I think it has to be a function of cause, and relitive mouth size. perhaps S=c*s/SF where c is positive or negitive depending on intent. and SF if the full personal smile and s is the apperent size of the smile. but this doesn't account for frowns. further study is certainly needed.
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