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A Strongly Worded Letter

I'm still really upset about what happened with regard to the Mid Year Seminar. I worked really hard on creating a presentation that I could be proud of and that I would want to give. To be perfectly honest, right now I could care less about my finished product. I worked everyday on that thing for a month, and with the date rapidly approaching I haven't even opened the file these last few days. I had a solid deadline of Nov 1st: the power point presentation would be finished, and it was. I was in the process of memorizing it, sculpting the phrasology, and making a kick ass presentation. No more.

I fluctuate from rage to extreme indifference about the whole thing, but while in a rage mindset I sent a strongly worded letter to my JET representative at OBOE. She is just another JET, so has no real power. She had sent me the info about how she couldn't give me the info about my partner. She is blameless in this, but she is my only real link to the chain of command. The letter is firm but fair, at least I think so. Feedback, is always welcome.

"Hi [Name withheld]
It is Andrew, again. I appreciate your last email, but am still very annoyed: though not with you. You have been prompt and helpful. I realize none of the reasons I am about to list are your fault, so, though I am sending my complaints to you, I do NOT blame you. I am sending this to you and ask that you please pass my complaints along the appropriate channels. Feel free alter this as you see fit: as long as the meaning is the same, I do not particularly care about the words used.

I also realize that my own BOE (My city's name) may be at partial fault for some of the delays it took for me to receive the information related to the Mid Year Seminar. I received the notification that I would have a partner on 11-7-06, ten days prior to the day I would have to give the presentation. If my BOE is at fault for this, could you please inform me? I will want to address this problem with them directly.

I completely agree with the sentiment expressed by the memo giving out by the Osaka BOE stating that JETs must dress and act in a professional manner at the upcoming Mid Year Seminar. Yet, professionalism must go both ways. I do not think it was professional
of the Osaka branch to casually notify me I would have a partner ten days prior to the event. This information was given to me the same day my handouts (which were made under the assumption of a 70 minute presentation) were due to my local Board of Education: everything I
have done was under the assumption of having 70 minutes. The problems with this situation are self-evident. To have to now rework the presentation less than two weeks from the seminar is inconvenient and inconsiderate on the part of the Osaka branch.

Complicating this issue further is that the memo concerning speakers states the Osaka BOE will provide me with the contact information for my partner (the third bullet), but you have told me that this is not possible (again, I do not blame you my fearless leader, I am merely
explaining my frustration in the process). For me to be expected to find my partner in the ether, coordinate our efforts, and rework my end of the presentation, and fulfill my normal school duties in the time provided to me is not reasonable.

Please understand, I take no offense to having a partner, having to communicate with the partner on my own, or even having to rework my presentation to fit a new time limit. What I find unprofessional and unacceptable is that the demands came to me a mere ten days prior to
the event. A great deal of my previous effort must be scuttled to accommodate the lack of timeliness on the part of the Osaka branch. To that end, I ask that in the future the Osaka BOE presents information in a more reasonable and professional manner.

Again if I am in error and my local BOE is the true culprit responsible for this time crunch, please let me know.

Sorry this letter was so long, I imagine you are very busy this time of year and greatly appreciate the time you have given me.

Thanks again for your time."

Re-reading it I may have been a little harsh, but that assessment may just be byproduct of the fact that I am currently violently disinterested in doing anything for these people. I am sure when my mood swings back towards swearing and spitting through gnashed teeth I will read my letter and think it was not harsh enough.

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