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The polite way to say this is: This unhappies me

At this moment I am mad: I am ANGRY: I AM IN A RAGE! Yesterday, 11-07, I got a notice from the Osaka Board of Education (OBOE). I am giving a presentation there on motivating students on 11-17. The OBOE sent me my time slot and mysteriously a second name appeared below mine. This is where the rage comes in. THEY GAVE ME A PARTNER! This was LITERALLY the first indication that I could have a partner in this little endeavor, which I have known about for about two months. So for OVER the past month I have been putting together a 70 minute presentation thinking that I would have 70 freaking minutes, but, no, I have 30. It gets better, my god does it get better, so I now have a partner. An asinine little memo attached to the time schedule tells everyone to coordinate with their partners, and that their contact information is available where applicable. I try to get this guys contact information, AND OBOE TELLS ME THEY CAN’T GIVE IT TO ME! Guess it’s not applicable. It is not their “policy”. So I have to find this guy SOMEHOW, coordinate with him and rework my 70 minute presentation down to 30 minutes, fulfill all my normal school duties (which at this time are still immense), and I have to do this in -- and this TRUELY is my favorite part -- 10 days – now 9 days. By the time most of you read this it will be down to 8. But it gets even better the very day, THE VERY DAY, I receive this news was the day my handout was due! So my handout planed for a 70 minute class, thus the handout I gave them was completely and utterly without use or merit – I can think of other things that share those traits.

I am so incredibly pissed off at this point in time.

Here’s another fun anecdote about this fine kettle of fish, the memo that came with the schedule had that certain Ken Senola stench about it. It condescendingly reminded us that we must be professional and to dress and speak accordingly. And, yes, I whole heartedly agree! But professionalism goes both ways! It is NOT professional for OBOE to inform me I have to completely remake my presentation 10 days prior to the fact. It is NOT professional of OBOE to treat my time as if it were worth approximately one sock full of monkey crap to them. Even if it actually IS worth only one sock full of monkey crap to them, it is NOT professional to treat it that way.

I am unhappied.

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