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My Happy Few

It needs to be said that part of me is still really grumpy over what happened at school with my special lessons. Today I finally got the role sheet for my two second grade special lesson classes. Apparently it takes 4 days to write 40 some names in Romaji (Japanese words in Roman characters). As I was diligently typing them into Excel and starting my “grade book” I noticed a few names that looked hauntingly familiar.

So I opened up my old grade books. Surprise, surprise! Some of the names were the same. This delights me. It appears that many students have had the same reaction to the new and completely trite “Can’t take the same subject twice” rule as I did. They are ignoring it. Some of my really top shelf students just decided to sign up for my class again, even though it is against school rules. The school is either too lazy, trusting, or stupid to do the cross reference work to verify the kids are taking new subjects. It would not be hard, of course, but the teachers just didn’t do it. Maybe they are expecting me to do it. No one has ordered me to, and thus I haven’t and won’t. The good news is those kids are now enrolled in my class. I’m certainly not going to say anything. From what I can tell this rule was pretty much created as an “anti-Andrew” rule, and, as we all know, I am “pro-Andrew”. Therefore, I am not about to enforce the rule!

It makes me happy that a lot of kids broke the rules either in open defiance or simple misunderstanding. It makes me happy to think that even when ordered not to, a ton of kids will take my class over anything else. I am still really angry about this turn of events as I am loosing a lot of kids that I think would have taken my class again, but actually followed the rule. I will miss them a lot, but at least I still have my few, my happy few, my band of rule-breakers!

Then again it might have something to do with the fact that I am experimenting with mind control on my students:


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