Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Olbermann and DS Lite Woes

First the DS Lite. My beautiful navy blue DS Lite's speaker started to flake out on me lately. Flicking the case restored it but it still would occasionally produce a ton of static. There are no screws to open the case, suggesting it would be a huge pain to fix. So while at yodobashi camera today I got a new one. Much to my absolute horror, navy was sold out so I had to get a common white (ick). Now it looks like I may have just bought it in the US instead of confirming my elite status of navy which was a Japan only color. Ohhh well. I got it all on points which was great so I didn't pay a yen for it, mawhahah!

NOTE: The Olbermann link was down, so I fixed it. (9-30)

If you haven't seen Chris Wallace of Fox "News" interview with Bubba Clinton I suggest you check it out, then watch this which is Olbermann's amazing reaction to Clinton's anger, Fox news tactics, and such. Olbermann is in pure and delicious form.


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