Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

My new obsession!

JJ Club 100 is a local club featuring everything imagionable. I do mean everything. They have quarter field soccer, half court basketball, batting cages, video games, bowling (my new high score a 205 was reached there), a reading room, a huge manga collection, dvd watching, a small pool for fishing! and showers. I am sure I am leaving some things out. It costs 105 yen for fifteen minutes (100 yen prior to tax hence the name JJ club 100.) So at Club 100 they have something wonderful, the Taicho drumming game. Taicho is the traditional Japanese drum. The Taicho drumming game features two drums and a big screen. On the screen a musical score moves from right to left. There is a marked place where once a symbol enters you are to do the action on the drum. The screen displays cute markers for when you strike the drum, there are four symbols for the four different types of hits: a red dot means hit the center of the drum, a blue dot means hit the outer rim of the drum, a big red dot means use both sticks, and a yellow oval means do a drum roll for the length of the oval. It is very simple to do, honestly. There are other drum games that have several drumheads and they are really hard. But the taicho game is that perfect blend of simple control, depth, and pure fun that Japanese company Nintendo seems to capture time and time again. The drum game is not done by Nintendo, but it might as well be. It is so much fun. They have loud speakers so a real song is playing and you are providing the drum line. The songs are all upbeat and fun, festival music. It is a blast to play. There is a two player mode where you compete with a friend to see who is the best drummer, you both drum at the same time earning points for your precision and skill. In arcades it costs about 100 yen so if I play it 2x in 15 min I make my moneys worth. I love the taicho drum game and will be definitely going to club 100 over the weekend to do some drumming!


GAAAA I just got back from JJ. There were too many people there and I didn't get a chance to do the Taicho game, it is hugely popular. This makes me very sad. I got to play the vitual dog walking game, the big rig driving game, the rock and roll drum game, even the bongo game, BUT not Taicho! I went at a peak hour, that is the problem, I need to go during the off time so I can play as much as I want. I am thinking about the game right now. It is so fun!

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