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Newness and a Hairtastrify

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Previous Entry Newness and a Hairtastrify Sep. 18th, 2006 @ 01:49 pm Next Entry
I'll start with the haircut story. See I trim my own hair using a pair of shears. The shears have a gaurd system that channels hair into grooves and then against the cutting edge. This assures you cut your hair to the desired and uniform length. The cutting process involves not having my glasses on, which means I am blind. I think we all see where this is going, but I will continue because I'm a glutton for punishment. So I am trimming away, small bits of hair going here and there. I am in a bit of a hurry, so when I snap on a new guard I don't bother to put my glasses back on, because "I've done this plenty of times before!" So I look at the guard read 20mm and snap it in place. Wrong! I have just cut a section of my hair to 9 mm (~.35 in). The rest of my hair was about 20 mm (.7 in). There is no way to "hide" this length difference. So I had to do my whole head. So now I have very short hair. I'm not completely amused. Though I think it makes me look tough, like an Israeli. So you better watch out, because if you mess with me I'll cluster bomb your civilian populous and, still being American, torture the rest.

In other news my poor IBM has died. I push that poor thing very hard. The graphics card gave out a few days ago. This left me in a huge dilemma because I need it to work, bad. So this is what I did, ohh my loyal readers and only friends, I ran right out and bought a Mac. Now before you Macilites out there thing I have converted or window people thing I have lost my mind, let me just say this: I'm installing windows on the machine because I want a real machine. The reason I got a mac is many pronged: 1) I eventually want a mac to run my entertainment center, I was thinking mac mini but a Macbook Pro will be just as good. 2) English keyboard, you have no idea how much of a selling point that is -- seriously you have no idea 3) It can run windows so it can game, and has applications.

This is what I have learned about computers from now owning a mac. Both OS X and XP have a lot of nonesense associated with them. Be it installing programs, security, etc. Your preference depends on what you are willing to accept. As wish the two OS's could have a perfect child. But, As Mike Nelson said in the last episode of MST3K that we watched: "Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which piles up first."

The IBM is under warrenty and when it returns will become my dedicated work computer. I will install windows on the mac and use it as my primary home/gaming rig computer. When I go back to the states the Alienware will become my primary, the mac will run my entertainment, and the IBM (the little tank that it is) will be work.

Now to continue figuring out how any of this stuff works...
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Date:September 19th, 2006 03:52 pm (UTC)
I"m shocked. I can't imagine you with a mac or a buzz cut. on the other hand I totally understand the desire for an english keyboard. I went all the way to tokyo for mine. I can also understand the hair cut thing too. greg asked me to cut his hair once w/ those things and i ruined it. he had to cut it short. So while you are a completely different andrew now you are a victim of circumstances which will soon right themselves. your hair will grow back and you windows will return soon. until then i'll pray for our souls in this troubling time.
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