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Damn I love Keith Olbermann

Check out these amazing commentaries by MSNBC's anchor Keith Olbermann. He is truely, TRUELY the man. He is increadably articulate and passionate. He is often criticized for being partisent, but has counter by saying, something to the affect of, it is as right down the middle as you can be to call bull shit for what it is. This guy is my freaking hero:

On 9/11 Remembered:

On Rumsfeld's mind boggling appeaser comments:

Here is a copy of Rumy's speech.

On the Administration's Katrina's failures:

And just for fun, I'll throw in a complete destruction of Bill O'Really? (though this one is pretty easy to do from the arm chair, still Olbermann's "... you're suppose to say, 'I'm sorry, I was wrong.' and then you're suppose shut up for a long time."):

I super double heart Keith Olbermann!

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