Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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I would talk, but it appears my throat has swollen shut

I come to you, my loyal readers and only friends, with surprising news. I now believe I am allergic to cashews. I cooked dinner last night. I made some delicious pasta. I added a little pesto sauce to the tomato sauce (to add a little kick) but while eating it I began to feel ill. My throat began to feel as if it was closing, and I felt very nauseous. I feel the same way when I eat Indian Curry. I went over to Dan’s house to watch a movie and we were wondering what caused me to feel this way. I have never had a problem with pesto sauce in the past. Well the sauce that I have contained cashew nuts instead of higher quality and yummier pine nuts. Dan quickly looked on a package of Indian Curry that he just so happened to have and it too contained cashews! Boom! Deductive reasoning kicked in. I now believe I am allergic to cashews.

Ca-ca-ca-CASHEW! *sniffle* *sniffle*

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