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Operation Apartment of Marble: Let There Be Light

For anyone that has visited they know that my light was for all intensive purposes a decroded piece of crap. The cover (that hides the twin florescent “bulbs” was cracked and crumbling. A few days ago Daito Massive went to an import store and seeing the swank new lights in the store was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Today Dan and I went to our local hardware store and bought two new lights (Dan’s light was also bad – but for different reasons). The light went in incredibly easily no tools required. The bad thing is the light has a remote control rather than a pull string. I am now terrified of loosing the remote and not being able to turn my light back on. On the plus side the light has a remote control rather than a pull string! It is just like the fu-ture! Now I can turn my light on and off from any local in my pad, the FUTURE! Sitting down the new light fixture was remarkably cheap. It was on sale for about $40. Considering I could not find a new cover, and a new set of florescent lights (which it came with) cost about $20, it was cheap.

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