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OAOM update

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Previous Entry OAOM update Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 09:46 pm Next Entry
I need one more piece of furniture for certain and have a few models picked out at the hardware store. I am talking about a smallish chest of drawers. I will put it outside of my bathroom in the kitchen. Right now there is just this shelving unit that doesn’t function well. I need a drawer set for several reasons, one I need a place to put my keys, wallet, stamp, etc when I walk in the door along with my coin bowls where I sort my coinage. The current shelving unit is insufficient because it has spaces between the cross boards so my keys fall through. Next, I would like a chest of drawers so I can store bathroom related things. My bathroom does not really have storage so I need a place for extra towels (when I get them), toilet paper, extra shampoo, etc. Right now my bathroom holds about one of everything and is filled to capacity. I can also use the drawers for kitchen related towels as well.
My next project with OAOM is tackling the closet. It is a mess. I am going to buy some plastic stacking storage bins. I will be able to store my extra linen, clothes and school stuff in them. I will also store my pillows, pajamas, and sheet during the day. As it is now they are just thrown into the closet. There is a lot of space there, but it is used very poorly without some kind of system. I am hoping to fix all that, go to the hardware store tonight or over the weekend. These items should not be much money, which is good because I don’t have a whole lot to spend this month.
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