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Various Odd and Ends – or – It Must be Another Casserole Wednesday

New Jets
We got two of our three new JETs. They are both from England. Megan is super happy. She laughs really big at all my jokes. This is partially because I’m hella funny, but sometimes I am surprised at how much she laughs. [In my best Jerry Seinfeld impersonation] “I mean, and what’s the deal with that?”
Lindsay is also from England but she is from the North of England, making her, at first, completely incomprehensible. I know that Britlish is completely different than real English, but wow is she from Britannia. She is also super nice but it takes a moment to realize that she is, in fact, speaking some form of the native tongue. Once you have heard her speak for more than a minute she is very easy to understand.
All in all, I like our two new jets. I miss Flora and Anna, but Megan and Lindsay are fair replacements.
Cool Stuff
Over the weekend, Dan, Megan, Brian, Cathy (Osaka Jet), Vincent (Osaka Jet), and I went out for a fun night out. We ended up going to Nanba. Nanba is not particularly fun compared to other parts of the city but we made the best of it. We met some of Megan’s jerk friends. She met them at orientation where they seemed “sound” but were in fact idiots. They ditched us - no loss! We had a great time just sitting around and having fun.

While out we went to an arcade where I played, Half-Life 2 Survivor. Essentially it is just a cut up version of Half-Life 2. It appears to run off a PC (there is load time). You sit in a crazy wacked out chair with a flight stick and a kind of palm thing for the other hand. The palm thing makes you go forward, back, strafe, etc. The flight stick is your look and fire. As far as control schemes go it was better than a gamepad but no keyboard/mouse. Still it was a lot of fun. I played through single player because the multiplayer game had already started (it does not appear the game is complete). There were a ton of guys playing. So hopefully the future looks bright.

Also at the arcade I played a crazy ball throwing game. There was a large ball pit that dispensed actual tennis ball sized balls to chuck at the screen. That was all there was to the game. In one game I threw balls and broke virtual bottles, in the next it was fighting back legions of ghosts. It was a typical odd game. Add some Mario cart action and yourself a great night of arcade.

Speaking of arcade, Megan Lindsay, Brain, Dan, and I went to JJ Club 100. They have a lot of new games. It was a lot of fun. Dan, Brian, and I went crazy on air hockey and ping-pong and the game “Sir, Yes Sir!!” “Sir, Yes Sir!!” was a shooter that four people can play at a time. It was funny because you had to pick a handle for your particular soldier. Because it was in katakana and we only had a limited time to translate, poor Brian ended up being “Rabbit”. Now there is a hardened solder name if I have ever heard one “Rabbit”. I ended up as “Fox” not to great on its own. It needs a biome attached to it. Rommel was the Desert Fox that is pretty cool. Francis Marion was the Swamp Fox that sounds pretty cool too. “Fox” is just not a stand alone moniker.

Also on my cool stuff list is I finished “The Five Fists of Science” which was, I must say incredible. It is about Tesla and Twain teaming up to create world peace by Tesla’s genius. They are against a cabal of black magic lead by Edison, Marconi, Morgan, and Carnegie. The authors did their homework when it came to Tesla and Twain. They captured a lot of Tesla’s quirks (which they were numerous), and Twain’s unique morality. It was a joy to read and highly recommended. It even has an ending consistent with Twain and Tesla’s lives and fortunes. It was a wondrously fun steam punk (maybe pre-transistor punk?) romp. Plus Tesla yielded duel Tesla Coil guns, which, it is fair to note, is quite possibly the most bad ass thing ever. It has also renewed my long standing desire to build a Tesla coil of my own: may The Great Spirit of the Eternal Dynamo protect me as I faithfully execute Its holy work.

For the last three day’s I’ve been doing the summer day camp for kids. It is fifth graders. They are well behaved and energetic so it was really fun. This year we played a soccer game on the board. Unfortunately one team was dominating so I executed many “Secret Plays!” My crazy coaching made it a lot of fun even though the team I was pretty much cheating for still lost 7-1. It was a lot of fun all the way around.


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