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If it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make cents. (or Adventures in rudimentary arithmetic.)

If you only look at the time that I have been in Japan (subtracted out the past 3 weeks in the States), over the past month I have deposited 1,350 coins (50 at a time) into my bank, summing to a grand total of 281,350 円. Let’s go to the big board for the breakdown:
500円: 550 coins
100円: 50 coins
5円: 150 coins
1円: 600 coins

It takes approximately one minute to deposit fifty coins. Thus, to deposit all the coins it took 27 cycles, or roughly 27 minutes.

What was the point of this? … hmmm… Oh, yeah!

The point is, I had a lot of coins, and now I don’t.

Plus check out the new icon, "Money Matters". On the left is a floating 1 yen coin (yes they float), and on the right is a sunken 1 yen coin. How like fortunes...

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