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Livin’ in America.

America seems very strange to me these days. You can’t turn on the TV and watch it for more than ten seconds without some stupid weight loss pill commercial. Does anyone really believe that this stuff works? Or, more precisely, works safely?

9/11 is still everywhere. I would think that we would have healed by now, but no. Cuts can’t be allowed to heal when the festering wound is still ripe for exploitation by politicians. Now the movies are starting to come out. Nicolas Cage is in the new one. Sorry, but I fundamentally reject anyone who names his son Kal’el (Superman’s real name) as portraying an “every man”.

I had to get new glasses; that is cool, but the price was not. My insurance in Japan covers 70% of everything, unfortunately it does not cover things that could be done in Japan. Since I could, technically, get my eyes checked in Japan they cover nothing. Now if I walked out and got hit by a bus, then my insurance would cover it. Or if I underwent a USA only treatment they would cover it, but regular old eye appointments I’m stuck paying. Alas, it is the same with dental and general health.

I have been playing a ton of Nintendo DS lately. It is such an amazing party system. Jeff, Mike, David, and I have all been rocking to Mario Kart, Tetris, and Brain Age. The coolest thing is that most games have a download mode where even if you do not own the game you can download a partial copy and play. Pretty great stuff, I foresee my Osaka friends getting DSes when they see how rocking mine is.

A bad thing about my home town (sorry Dan) is that they closed down Mount Union Theater. That really sucks. I have a lot of fond memories of that place. The Alliance Academic Challenge Team p0wned many matches there. I can’t believe Mount just put all that money into a new marquee (which looked great) and then they go and close the theater just a few years later. That tends to be MUC’s M.O. though. They pour money into a buildings they know they will be closing in a few years so they can throw their hands up and say “See we tried!”

I have been devouring pizza and Mexican food. I am amazed by how big the serving sizes in America are. When I first got home I was not able to even get halfway through a lot of hamburger combos. There is just too much food around here. I am slowly adapting back to American portions (I have to – there is still a ton of food I need to eat).

My dogs are great! I super love them. They are dog sized now but still have the minds of puppies. Millie’s big thing is she loves to go between your legs while you are standing up. Sometimes you will just be standing there and she will just force her way. Evie is still a cutie, but a little odd. I don’t know if it is because of her breed or her difficult puppy-hood, but she doesn’t socialize with others well. She is fine with our family, and even David, but other people she just doesn’t know how to interact with. She is still a sweet heart though.

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