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I’m in America, I’m not dead (though I feel about 30% dead right now +/-15%). My flight home sucked. About three hours into the flight we hit turbulence. It was really bad loopty-doop style. That lasted about an hour and a half. After having chicken curry for dinner, I was hurting. I felt incredibly sick and did not eat anything else for the flight. It didn’t help we kept hitting more turbulence. Maybe I’ve seen too much Star Trek, but don’t we have sensors that can detect this stuff and steer clear of it? Can’t we reroute power through the main deflector array and send an inverse graviton pulse into the turbulence and collapse the air pocket? Okay, so probably not that last thing. But sensors we got to have sensors!

Because of all the turbulence and feeling really sick I got only about only 2-3 hour of sleep over a period of time greater than 24 hours. Nearly an hour of that sleep came while driving around the Chicago airport tarmac. There were, apparently, really bad thunderstorms that were grounding south bound flights. So we had 45 minutes of taxiing. At one point I thought we were driving the plane to Cleveland. Couldn’t we have flown to the runway we needed to take off from, apparently I was the only one that remembered we were in a plane!

My flight home really sucked. I’m glad I don’t have to step foot on a plane until August 9th.

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