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For I Have Tasted the Fruit

I had the pleasure of grading my second grader's writing portion of their tests today. So here are my favorite English hits and misses from that test and others I've collected since last time.

“I was tirding”

“I am go to Lake Biwa.”

“I plays rafting I plays funny fashon show.

“Where home carry.”

“The was eating lunch mountain at the top of.”

“We were watched hoter room.”

“I was very srryping.” (I was very sleeping)

“I was Lake Biwa.”

“I had curry and lies.” [for lunch]

“It tired bud very happy.”

“I was very tired but very funed.”

“I am a funny fashion show fan.”

“We were ftrea after. We weather pires good. We pires rafting.” (?)

“Mt Ibuki was a very good mountain.”

“We were fun.”

“Lake Biwa de rafting.” (I think this came from a kid that likes bicycling and he was trying for a “Tour de France” kind of thing, or it is just something one of my crazy kids randomly wrote)

“I engoyed canoeing.”

“I am go to loke Biwa.”

“I study Lak Biwa NO”

“It was enjoyed.”

“I was practicing rifting.”

“The lake was large. It was strange.”

[On my new haircut] “Andrew – image change!”

“The weather was very goot.”

“I got to the tit.” (hopefully the kid meant "top" [of the mountain])

“The trip was enjoyed.”

“I tried fafting.”

“I was tired very much.”

“I was very tireded.”

“It was very nice beautiful.”

A: Did you make a cake?
S: Yes.
A: Was it delicious?
S: (waves hand in an obvious manner) Of course!

A: How old is your sister?
S: It is 10 years old.
A: It? Do you mean she?
S: No, ‘it’.

“You like Gamera Poster!” (After I took a picture of this poster for a gamera movie, a girl thought that I was interested in the poster, not the movie.)

“Can we make a gruesome comic?”

“Don’t be a fool!” “Me, don’t be a fool!”

“Do you sleep?”


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