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Entertainment Update

I realized that you, my loyal readers (and only friends) have not been updated about what is currently entertaining me. I know that you live vicariously through my every word and deed, so here is a hodgepodge of infotainment!

I enjoy sleeping, but I can’t enjoy sleeping in one billion candela luminosity. To defeat that I bought new dark curtains a while back, it helped, but it wasn’t enough. I had to keep going until my room was darker still. So today I found Velcro strips (I am really proud of this find; to quote The Brain, “Pinky, there are fleeting moments when I even amaze myself.”) Now my curtains have been Velcro-ed to the wall for maximum light dampening affect. Hurray!

I recently was reminded of how amazing They Might Be Giants are. So I went on an iTunes downloading rampage. I love their kids’ albums. I am currently rocking out to “Here Come the ABCs”. The opening line is classic, “They Might Be Giants: Here Come the ABCs! [kids screaming] A, B, C!” It is so great, in that odd way that they are so known and appreciated for.

I just bought The New Super Mario Brothers for the DS. The DS is region free, so I did not need to import it. Why didn’t I do this sooner? The game is soooooo old school and sooooooo fun. It is such a great platform game. The level design is brilliant on a scale that makes me replay several levels just to experience them again. My favorite level thus far involved the pretty standard Mario moving platform level, but then can the twist. You stand on a platform that scrolls across the screen and as it is scrolling there are other platforms that scroll by and deposit piranha plants on your platform. Eventually you get another platform running parallel to your and you have jump back and forth as more and more plants are deposited or removed by various tangent platforms. It is hectic and fun. I had to beat it with fire power (a bit cheap I realize). Great stuff. Buy this game if you don’t have it. Another reason this game is fun is when you just close the DS Mario says, “Bye-Bye!” and when you open it he says, “It’sa me, Mario!” Play this game to remember why you fell in love with Mario games.

It is impossible to import games to Japan. Ebworld, Gamestop, Amazon do not ship games to Japan or will not ship games to addresses with separate credit card addresses. When I tried to download Half Life Episode 1 it would not download for the same reason! I have no idea why this is the case. It is incredibly stupid, and incredibly annoying.

I have been on a huge hero movie kick as of late. In the last three weeks I have watched both Spiderman movies, Batman Begins, Blade III, and both X-Men films. They all made me very happy and all have their strong and weak points. The really horrible thing is that X-Men 3 doesn’t come out in Japan until September. Literally every other nation that the movie is going to has it, but not Japan! We get it in September. Crap!

Entertainment For My Mouth
Today Brian, Dan and I went to a super delicious Chinese restaurant. It really took me back to the Middle Country. I had a gyoza soup and a huge bowl of spicy tofu and beef over rice. The great thing about tofu in Japan and China is that it is used as a legitimate ingredient. In the States it is used as a replacement for meat, and it fails. But if you treat it as a real food it can be quite tasty, and that is what my dish did. It was very delicious. I need to go back (despite eating far too much).

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