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A conspiracy of sound

I had it all planned out. I started preparing the rice for curry rice right when I got home from school, I took my shower, got into my pajamas. It was perfect! I would be in bed by 8:30-9:00 at the latest. A night of glorious recuperative sleep awaited me. But it was all ruined by a conspiracy of sound.

First there was the cicada which sounded like it was approximately two inches from my door. Cicada make the type of noise that once you notice you can never truly unnoticed. So the zi-zi-zi-zi slowly drove me insane. I finally got up to close my window, when it stopped. I slept for a few hours only to have a traditional foe make a cameo. Screaming baby was back. Screaming baby starts screaming and never stops, ever. I swear this family has no idea what makes babies happy. They must try to consul it by pinching it, or screaming lullabies in its face, or maybe exposing it to extreme cold. I don’t know what they do, but what they don’t do is get it to shut up. So screaming baby screamed away a few hours of my time. Add to it all the intermittent roar of a yanki’s obnoxious .02cc “motor”bike – the enemy of decent sleepers everywhere – and you have my best laid plans turning to dust.

Now my room is too hot because I had to close the door due to the cacophony. Maybe it is time to turn on the air conditioner. I really don’t want to do that because it is one of those “last resorts” that mentally keeps me from realizing that I am getting ready for another summer in Japan. I stand at the mouth of a great hellish season filled with days that are so humid fish no longer need to be in water, and every day is over 4,000C. The moment the air conditioner gets turned on is the moment I admit defeat.

I guess I’ll go read something and maybe that will get me ready to sleep again. Wow, I remember when I could sleep really well. I remember when I could just go to sleep and stay asleep. That was around 4 years ago now. Wish I could get that back.

Ohh good screaming baby started up again, the parents must have finished their goodnight story, “Goodnight Moon” as read by a banshee.

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