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What Dreams May Fun

I do not usually talk about my dreams. Anyone that has spent prolonged nights with me quickly figures out why. But this will be an exception because this dream is funny and also very odd.

A few nights ago I dreamed that there was a magical grape juice (purple of course). If you drank the magical grape juice a wish of yours was granted. The magical goodness was served at what appeared to be a ramen shop. I was waiting patiently for my ramen and magical grape juice order, when the person in next to me finished his glass. Suddenly he had the ability to do the “you have a coin behind your ear” magic trick, only he could do it for real. He could simply reach behind someone’s ear and produce a 500 円 coin. He was going around getting coins left and right from ear after ear. This, for some reason, upset me. I started yelling about how this violated the conservation of matter (e.g. matter cannot be created or destroyed). This had a profound affect on the patrons of this ramen shop. Everyone started talking about how I was right and began to philosophize about what was going on.

We talked about it for days (of dream time) eating only ramen and racking our brains as to how the magical grape juice bestowed the ability to create 500 円 coins. Finally we realized that the conservation of matter was upheld and that the coins were coming from the National Treasury. They were being transported to the guy’s hand by magic. This explanation satisfied me and the fellow patrons. Though I failed to recognize that it violates the conservation of energy, or perhaps I was so sick of eating ramen that I didn’t care. The guy continued to rack up the coins and I drank my magical grape juice. Though, alas, I awoke before my wish could be revealed/granted.

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