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Buying Games in Japan Blows

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Previous Entry Buying Games in Japan Blows Apr. 29th, 2006 @ 01:09 pm Next Entry
So I just beat Prince of Persia The Warrior Within, it was amazing. I am super pumped to play The Two Thrones, and that is the problem. Buying games in Japan is a huge pain (unless you want Japanese games). Amazon, for some reason, does not ship games directly to Japan so I have to ship them to my house then my parents ship them to me. That is stupid. So I rarely go through amazon.

I got Half-Life II through Gamestop and it worked great, but now, for some other reason, Gamestop will no longer accept my information. I have entered and re-entered my address, name, credit card info, etc. and every time I try and place the order I get a very nebulous error about the address and/or card information being incorrect. Wish they could be less specific... The page mentions mailing constomer support, but I can't find an email address anywhere.

I guess I may have to try electronicstores like Best Buy, or my parents will bet receiving an amazon box in the next few days. Because I have to play Two Thrones, NOW!

A Tip of the Hat goes out to EB World. Thanks to them I have a copy of The Two Thrones on the way, as well as Metroid Hunters, Advanced Wars Duel Strike, and (in a moment of an "I want a dog SOOOOOO bad" weakness) Nintendogs: Lab & Friends
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