Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Two Games

I now have two games for my DS. Thanks to the region free nature of the system I can buy both American and Japanese games. I got two Japanese games, and will probably be placing an order for some US games soon. The games I got are, Kirby’s Canvas Curse and Suduku. The Suduku game is just a ton of suduku puzzles and will be great for train rides and such. It is really well done, you can make notes enter the numbers by pressing a “keypad” on the touch screen or by simply drawing the number on the touch screen. It can be played entirely with the stylus. Kirby’s Canvas Curse is one of the most amazing games I have ever played. I love Hal studios they do amazing work. KCC is no different. It is played ENTIRELY with the stylus. The levels are fun, and the unlockables are great. I have unlocked standard “time attack” mode and also the very unique ink mode. In the game you use the stylus to draw walls and bridges for Kirby to roll over. In this mode you only have so much “ink” to get him to the goal. It takes the highly unique nature of the game and adds a twist. I love the game so much I have to limit myself to one area per day otherwise I would rip through the entire game at one sitting.

I admit, I doubted the DS when it first came out. I thought it would be another Virtual Boy, but the DS is amazing. I strongly believe that Nintendo is the only hardware company out there that “gets” gaming. The DS alters the way you play games, and makes it them more accessible to everyone. There are a lot of games that are not really games at all. Electroplankton pushes the limits of what art is. Nintendogs is also not really a game so much as an experience. You just don’t see that on any other platform. There are also plenty of pure games for the more traditional fair. Add to the ability to play old Advanced games and you have a great system.

On the odd end, I really want to get Electroplankton, Nintendogs, Brain Age, and Phoenix Write. Phoenix will be difficult. I will have to get it used. Hopefully my local Gamestop will have it next time I’m home. Also tempting is a copy Advanced Wars sold only in Japan that is a bundle of AW 1 and 2. AW 1 is impossible to find in the US. I have, and love, 2. The bad thing is it would be in Japanese, but the game is so good. Hmmmm

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