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Y’all like to drink vinegar?

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Previous Entry Y’all like to drink vinegar? Apr. 7th, 2006 @ 02:55 pm Next Entry
In my continuing quest to put as many potentially disgusting things in my mouth as possible, Dan and I tried a new beverage. The last thing we had (the bean and grapefruit beverage) was not too bad. So we boldly jumped on the chance to drink a black vinegar and rice beverage. Yeah, you read that right, vinegar in a drink. Yum a dumb dumb. In Latin class Magistra Smith once asked us, “Y’all like drinking vinegar?” (because Roman wine was closer to vinegar than our modern wine). At the time I thought about the statement, and decided, “No, I don’t want to drink vinegar. I wouldn’t like it.” Apparently I forgot that, or have come to believe rice is so magical that it can fix any ill. Well I had about a few teaspoons of this vile substance and tasted VINEGAR and only VINEGAR. It war horrid, vile, and evil. How does one come up with this beverage? Who decides that a primary ingredient of your new drink should be vinegar? Idiots, madmen, or both.

Don’t drink vinegar, I doubt you will like it. If you do I got some raw chicken giblets you can wash down. Ick.
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