Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Daily Yomiuri

Everyday for the last week or so on the way to Tanagawa Junior High, I pass and ultimately go into a Family Mart. I pick up breakfast and also The Daily Yomiuri. The Daily Yomiuri is an English paper, and I like it. I have only read one edition of another English paper during orientation in Tokyo, but I like the Yomiuri more, which is good because it is the only English paper that this Family Mart carries. It is done in with the Washington Post. I am not, on the average, a fan of the Post. Many of its editors seems a bit too conservative for my tastes, but I think the Yomiuri is pretty balanced. It helps pass the down time at work and helps keep me out of the No News bubble I seemed to perpetually live in while at Oberlin, plus they run old Calvin and Hobbes! I am thinking of getting a subscription because a years worth would be a tad cheaper, but I am going to go to the station and check out their kiosk, as they carry a wide selection of papers. A subscription runs about 2,700 yen per month, which really isn’t too bad but now that I am paying the bills I am a bit too thrifty and feel the need to shop around for an English paper even though the Yomiuri seems perfectly good. Ohh well the difficult life of an informed consumer.

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