Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Angel Season III Spoilers A'hoy!

I just finished angel season 3 and am a bit disappointed. The first and second seasons were really well done, but the third season was not all that great. First I have always been a fan of the Kate character but she was not even in the third season, and I felt that the 2nd season did not resolve enough with her plot to warrant her being dropped completely. I realize she was only supporting cast, but I really liked her character! I really hate what they did with Wesley in the third season. Wesley is probably my favorite character on Angel. It was really inconsistent with his character to have him try and figure out the prophesy all by himself and not go to the others for help. And the fact that his friends would not bring him back into the fold is just dumb. Angel has gone evil, fired everyone, let people die, etc etc but they still let him back in every four shows. I thought Wesley made a great head of the team and am not pleased by his character change. I am also not happy with Holtz. At first Holtz seemed like a great shades of grey character that the show can craft very well. But in the end he turned out to be just another evil madman. It upsets me that the show wimped out like that. Holtz’s character works much better as someone you can sympathize with and understand his decision. It seems the show is too afraid to make the people aliened against Angel be a shade of grey. Wesley is probably going to go full evil soon, so the writers can’t possibly have him be a decent person. It irritates me because the writers are so willing to make Angel a shade of grey - not quite good not quite bad - but his enemies must always be pure evil in this season. I loved the Lindsey character of past seasons because he was not completely evil. There was a real internal struggle for him. I thought they set that up with Holtz and I was happy for it, but the end reveals that that was never the plan. In this season, the hero cast is often complex but the villain cast seems always to be bad. It is a level of depth that I miss from past seasons. All the same I thought the season was still enjoyable, but a big let down. The final sequence of the last episode, with Angel descending to the depths of the ocean and Cordy ascending to the higher plane was really well done. I didn’t like the Matrix style shots of the later episodes, but I thought the cinematography in this season was overall better. I also really liked the sequence when Darla staked herself and Conner was born. You knew that is what would happen, but when it did happen it was just so unexpected. It was masterfully done. The guy that portrays Angel is a very gifted actor, the range of emotion he had to display in this season was very fast. Far from being the doomy gloomy brooding Angel of past seasons Angel had to show elation, suffering, rage, and humanity. I also like the Fred character, although it was clear when she was revealed to be a physicist that Wesley’s role as brain-box on the team had a replacement, because, after all, physicists know everything.

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