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Two more earthquakes

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Previous Entry Two more earthquakes Sep. 9th, 2004 @ 10:03 pm Next Entry
We had two more minor aftershocks last night, at this point I am thinking that maybe I should stop updating on every single quake and my readers should just assume there was one unless otherwise stated. They happened late around 12 or so, I woke up but thought I was just sleeping lightly I don't recall feeling them. They were not too strong. This is actually a good thing because I have now been in like 6-7 quakes and only two were scary so the ratio of scary quakes to not scary quakes is low and I am not so nervious about them anymore. Well time for bed it is the ripe late hour of 10pm! I am running the show tomorrow with the 1st graders so I could use a little extra sleep to keep me frosty.
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