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I'm Here, I'm Wear-ry, Get Use to It

So I am back from China. It was really great, but I don't feel like writing about it right now because I have come down with a rather nasty head cold. Due to the fact that I am using Flo-nase (slash and burn nasal care - kicking my nose bleeding super power into high gear), and I have a cold: blowing my nose is currently a technocolor extravaganza! Okay, so I doubt many people actually wanted to know that, but I typed it anyway. I also have one of those icky coughes that sounds like I am attempting to bring up a good percentage of my lungs. So I don't feel like writing about China, except maybe the kanji:
中 = Middle
国 = Counry
China's name for itself litterally is The Middle Country [as in middle of the world] just like the Mediterranean, huh.

Anyhow, I have updated my flickr site with about 9 pages of pictures from China. When I have gotten Katie's pictures expect me to steel (that pun is for you the Katie) a ton of them too. Enjoy. I have to go blow my nose... AGAIN.

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