Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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Current Obsessions

For anyone that knows my eating habits, they know I tend to go through periods of intense obsession with one food or another. I could easily eat a wrap for lunch and dinner for a week straight at Oberlin, for example. Currently my food obsession is a tuna sub from Subway. It is called a tsuna sandowichi here, which is odd, but it tastes great. I get mine with cheddar “type” cheese and, on Dan’s glorious recommendation, a red wine vinaigrette sauce on a sesame seed roll. Wow is it good. The tuna tastes so much better than the tuna at American Subway’s. Unfortunately the sauce is a part time thing, it is a “Holiday Sauce”, so it will disappear soon. This unhappies me greatly.

I am also currently obsessed with hot chocolate. I bought some Swiss Miss instant hot cocoa and have been consuming it with a zeal. The weather has turned decidedly winter-esque, and the drink tastes great and is warming: the perfect winter one-two combo.

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