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Get off my Yard, and Get a Haircute you Punk Kids!

Tomorrow (November 19th), as you should all already know, is my birthday. I can honestly say I feel old. I will be 24, but I still feel old and it is all a grocery stores fault. See, Suminodo Station just opened a Food World. Food World is the generic term for the basement of a building, usually a department store or train station, that is just all grocery market. They are huge. Suminodo (jewel of the Gakkentoshi line) now has one in the form of “Lucky Pantry”. I have shopped at the branch version “Lucky’s” for some time. They are a great import store. See the rich full life I live people? Well Dan and I went into Lucky Pantry and were bedazzled by all the food. We found pretzels, a cheese section, Hershey’s Chocolate, crackers, cereal, a smorgasbord of food that didn’t involve boned fish that you were just expected to eat around or eat. I was so happy to be in there and shopping. Shopping for FOOD! That’s when it hit me; this is what being old is like. This is like 10,000 times worse than when I was feeling old because my new dryer was coming and I was uber pumped. At least you plug the dryer in, so I could, kind of, sort of, justify it as an “electronic” device. But this is far worse. I was excited over a grocery store. I repeatedly said “This is the best store, ever!” And I meant every word. It is a GROCERY STORE!! It doesn’t really count as a “store” at all. At least that is not what young Andrew would have thought. Oh man, I really am getting older. How long until I am driving an hour to go to my “favorite” Wal*Mart despite the fact that there is one in town? How long until I complain full time about the neighbor’s yard? I am already bedazzled by new grocery stores, it’s only a matter of time before I can’t program the VCR. I mean the Tivo… Oh no! It’s already begun, I am talking about the VCR like it was cutting edge technology. I’m doomed… I’m old now… This may be my last entry, I may end up thinking that a computer wastes “too much electricity” and I can use that $1.35 a month for “more practical things”. Prey for me my loyal readers and only friends. Prey for me in the form of sending me lots of cool birthday presents!

Happy Birthday to me!

As a present to you, I have had a MASSIVE update to my flickr site.

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