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It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling

My current digital camera has certain shortfalls. It is a bit too bulky, takes too long to focus, and it is currently devouring the battery packs. Yet it is still a wonderful camera with the ability to adjust the settings ad infinitum yielding some truly amazing shots. In short, I love my camera. But I am also keenly aware of what my camera is not. It is not a nice handy pocket camera: it is a camera case camera. So I went out and got a second camera. While at Yodabashi I was overwhelmed by two choices. I love my Canon camera and, let’s face it, there are too many cameras to possibly read every review. I read reviews of the major makers and decided that Canon still is king. I was torn between the Canon Powershot SD450 and the Powershot SD550. Then I spotted the Canon Powershot S80. The S80 is three generations ahead of my current S50 camera (which I love so much). The S80’s price also made me decide which camera I needed. I ended up buying the SD450. The 550 was quite a bit more expensive, slightly larger, and had a lot more mega pixels. It is a better camera than the SD450, but, had I bought it, I would have essentially been buying my current camera’s replacement. But if I were to buy my current camera’s replacement I would by the S80 because of the control you have over aperture, shutter, etc. The 550 lacks that control. So it really wouldn’t replace my S50 in my heart. But its price means it would more or less have to! So I passed on it. I got the SD400 instead. It is funny because I bought my mother this exact same camera for her birthday not a few months ago. She has sent me some pictures (which are fantastic) so I knew I was getting a great camera. I paid about the same price for the SD400, camera sleeve, and memory card as I would for just the SD550. So I am happy. I have a vacation camera for shots that need my extra attention, and a “drop in the pocket and take anywhere” secondary camera. I am tech-ed out!

The SD80 was so slick though. It made my beloved SD50 look like what it is; 3 year old technology! I want it now too!

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