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I'm Leeeeeeavin' on a Shinkan-sen I'm su-re I'll be back a-gain

Well my loyal readers and only friends, good news. I have taken vacation day 3 of 12 and am headed out to Okayama. The city itself does not sound all that glamorous (not I place I would have picked if not for the fact that...) Katie is Okayama. She is undergoing NOVA training there. It is about an hour away by bullet train (shinkansen). I have tomorrow off (hurray Culture Day) but she has to work at night (boo NO-VAcation). She has all day Friday off, so I am taking the day off too. We will get to spend some time together before she heads back to Mountainous Matsue, and your humble narrator heads back to Ostentatious Osaka.

I have been thinking a lot about travel after my great time in Okinawa. I have decided I should see all the main islands of Japan here is how I stake up so far:
Okinawa (okay not a main island but collectively it represents a prefecture!): YES
Kyushu: YES
Shikoku: NO!
Honshu: Duh YES
Hokaido: NO!

I have two islands to go. The goal is definitely do-able. So I am not too worried. Maybe for next Golden Week I will go down to Shikoku they have amazing views of cliffs and the Pacific along with wicked cool whirlpools!

Well kids, I have a shinkansen to catch (consider my ride p1mped).

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