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Andrew Magrath

Updates on many fronts

I am work and pretty exhausted. I wish I had more of a full day today. I had two classes in a row and now I just have to wait for a while for the third. I am only teaching three classes today but I think had I been teaching closer to 5 I would be tired but not this tired. Doing nothing but sitting here only lets my body wallow in its tiredness. I am also kind of board. I can’t read or I will get really sleepy, so this is it. I didn’t end up going to bed until around 2-2:30. I don’t think I actually feel asleep until around 3:00. I slept horribly. My air-conditioner has a thermostat to keep my room at a pleasant 23 Celsius. When the compressor kicks on it makes a noise and rattles a bit. I feel like I work up every single time it turned on. Had it not been around 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I would have turned my air conditioner off to sleep a little better. Because of my extra light sleep I woke up a lot reaching for my glasses. I left a pair of clothes by my door. I really need to put together an earthquake kit. People were kind of funny here. They didn’t even ask me about the quakes. It is so apart of their lives that it must not have occurred to ask me about it. The kids are not nervous or anything. It was just a regular day for everyone but me it seems. I hope I get a little more use to earthquakes and not feel so sick afterwards, but I don’t think I will ever get as use to them as the people here are. I asked Takeda-sensei how often we get earthquakes and she said not too often. But I don’t exactly know what that means by Japan standards. I said not too often by Ohio standards is you get a quake every 40 years or so. It is strange because I wasn’t nervous about the typhoons at all. Even the one that was coming I was excited more than nervous. I think it is because I know what storms are like and you can see them coming, you also know they are coming. Part of the reason the earthquake has me so rattled is because it just happens. There really wasn’t much, if any, warning. If I know a storm is coming I at least feel prepared when it hits, even if I am completely unprepared at least I knew it was coming! I can have the illusion that I was prepared, because I knew it was coming. But the earthquake just happened and I was in it. I think once I have an earthquake kit I will feel better, the kit may not be much, but I will at least feel like I am prepared in some way. That will help with my nerves I think. Though I am not too nervous right now, we will see what happens later tonight though. It is likely we may feel an aftershock or two. It will also do me some good when the aftershocks do come but I don’t feel them because they are too small. It will help me realize, more than just rationally, that all earthquakes are not the “Andrew helpless in the doorway of his shaking building” kind. I know this is true, but I don’t feel that way yet. In fact the earthquake still feels a bit surreal. Sometimes I think, “Was I really in 2 earthquakes last night? Or was that a bad dream?” Thinking back even what I saw seems unreal. The buildings shaking, the noise everything made, it all seems fake somehow now, like it didn’t happen. But then it will feel realer than real and I will think I feel the earth beginning to shake again. But it is just my imagination, or my sinuses making me dizzy.

Still at school the bad news is I forgot today was a cleanup day when I left my apartment. I should have brought casual clothes to change into to help teachers and students clean the field outside areas of the school. I set clothes aside to bring, but I got so little sleep last night I staggered out of the apartment a zombie and forgot the needed clothes. It doesn’t seem to be too much of a big deal but it still makes me feel like I am not doing my part. Teachers in this country are worked to the bone. It looks like I am not the only teacher that is not participating in cleanup. But the other teachers that are not are all running around doing stuff. I am just sitting here typing. Ohh well, let’s hope they think it is a worksheet.

Classes today went pretty well considering how hard a time I am currently having typing this. I am glad the day nears an end. The cleaning is taking place during 6th period. I am, as always, here till 4:15. So that is only around 1 hour away now. I will help if they clean the school, that is a job I am dressed to do. I can’t wait to get home get into some comfortable clothes and wait for my cabinet to arrive. I am afraid I may end up napping. I have to resist the urge or only nap for a few minutes. Naps for me tend to turn from napping into sleeping and that messes me up come bedtime. If I end up sleeping, I have too much energy to go to bed, so I go to sleep later, only to be tired the next day so I need a nap, and on it goes.

As I walked to school today I saw no damage from last night’s quakes. It turns out that after hundreds of years of living with earthquakes the Japanese know how to build stuff to resist them. It was comforting to see no damage. Dan said some of his stuff fell over, but all minor stuff like books and a cup.

I called both my parents and grandparents last night after the first earthquake. I wanted to let them know I was okay. It was really nice to talk to them, even if it wasn’t the best of circumstances. It is always great to hear from people. I also sent emails to many of my friends stateside. Along with an email to Dave asking if he even felt it. The numbers I saw said Toyama only registered a 1, which isn’t much. The place Eric is in didn’t even register.

People at work confirmed that the typhoon is on its way towards Japan and may hit the Osaka region. But I am not really concerned that much about it. Earthquakes are far scarier to me. I would rather this typhoon hit than we have another quake.

OAOM Update
You just gotta love this country sometimes. I told the people delivering my kitchen cabinet to please deliver it at 5 today. So guess who pulls up outside my apartment at 4:58? The level of on timeness in the country is an art form. Sure we just had an earthquake, sure a typhoon is coming, but when they say the cabinet arrives at 5 they mean 5! It almost makes me forget that whole scary earth shaking thing, almost...

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