Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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First Live Journal Type Thing...

Well I guess it was inevitable, while back in Alliance I have spent most of my time with David and Jeff and since they both have a nice blog I guess I have to have one as well. I guess I just got blogged down by peer pressure! Ambrose Bierce defined a pun as “a form of wit to which the wise stoop and ignorant aspire.” Draw your own conclusions on this definition and my lame pseudo-pun on “blog.” This whole updating thing will be a constant tag-team battle for me, between my innate laziness and boring life vs. need to shamelessly promote myself and utter boredom. Sorry people, laziness usually wins these battles. I will be updating again soon with some really cool ideas for some WWE Smackdown! signs and info on my upcoming Japan trip!

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