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Search for the North-West Passage

I have become mildly obsessed with finding what I have dubbed The North-West Passage. Here is the old route to get to Yodabashi camera: Take the Gakkentoshi line to Kyobashi transfer to the loop line, take the loop line to Osaka Station, go to Yodabashi camera. But an interesting feature of the Gakkentoshi line is that is goes underground after the Kyobashi stop, it is also renamed Tozai line at that point. By diving underground the Tozai line becomes part of THE UNDERCITY. One of the major Undercity stations is Kitashinshi. There SHOULD be an all underground passage from Kitashinshi to Yodabashi Camera's B1 level! Today I was very close to finding it. But I surfaced in Osaka Station, drat. I walked across the street to Yodabashi beaten, but that much closer to the allusive all underground route. Avoiding the loop line and Osaka Station is a huge help at rush hour times. I am not sure if it is any faster, but you don't have to share your "personal phone booth of space" with 8 other people which is, admittedly, a nice thing. This is especially true in the summer time. And the fact that you can walk several city blocks underground with stores around, above you, and, at times, below you gives you an appreciation for the density and marvel of the modern Japanese city.

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