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Butt Kickin, Movies, Drinkin, & Tear Felt Goodbyes

To catch you up on what has been going on here is a semi-comprehensive post about all that crap. I am back at the internet cafe so excuse the spelling, odd keystroke characters, and grammer.

Butt Kickin'
I finally got my hands on the IBM service center phone number. I dialed it up and it was an automated menu in Japanese. That sucked, becuase it was an operator when I needed a new cd drive. So I had Dan call them. Dan, of course, kicked some major Japanese Butt. He was ども-ing and どぞ-ing left and right. He got the job done. He may have saved my computer's life. What a guy!

Because I have been netless for ever I have been watching a lot of movies. I finally saw the Godfather part I. THough it was approximately 8 days long, I liked it. It was too slow some places but the last half-hour ~ hour was really amazing. It also shows how much differently we tell stories now days. I have also been reading Kevin Murphy's (tom servo on MST3K) book and he says that we have forgotten how to pay attention to a slow narrative. Maybe he is right, it felt that way when watching hte Godfather. I didn:t want to turn it off, but I was also aware that it was a LONG movie. It was strange. I am looking forward to part II.
Flora told us about watching Species II in Cambodia in some hotel, and so I went out and rented it and Species X. Species was a pretty crumby sci-fi movie, it was bad but enjoyable enough. Species II was worse and, I kid you not, Species X is a semi-teen comedy/horror/sci-fi flick set in CANADA. Yeah canada and science there are two words you don:t often hear linked. Species X was horrible and set in Canada. It was MST3K fodder big time. It wasn:t really even about the origional two movies, Species X is horrible. But I was on a mission.
When I went back to the video rental place I was looking around and discovered two high school boys that were really talkative. So I asked them what a good movie was. I ended up getting three movies they suggested: Instict to kill (which was grizzly bad), Shanghi Knights (Shanghi Noon was better, but this was very funny and Jackie Chan was on the top of his game, the stunts were mind blowing) and finally Stewart Little. This is something I like about Japan. There is not a stigma about entertainment like there is in the states. The kids told me Stewart Little was a great movie. If I walked into an American Blockbuster and asked a high school student to suggest a movie what are the odds he would suggest Stewart Little? What are the odds he had even seen Stewart Little, instead simply writting it off as a *kids movie*? Japan isn:t like that, I can rent any kid thing I want and not get a second look. I can walk into a toy story and NOT be the oldest person in there not even close to being the oldest. You can still be a kid here and still be an adult. It is a great way to see the world. In college I often thought of the way I view the world as one part differential equation, one part five year old. It:s the best way.

Last night Brian, Arnel, Flora, Dan, Chris, and I went out to dinner. It was a horrible resteraunt which we will not return. After dinner we went to an izakaiya (bar/resteraunt) for cheap drinks. People ask me why I don:t drink. I don:t really know why I don:t. But a big part of it is what happened last night. We ended up talking to the Japanese people next to us, which then turned into teach each other drinking games, which then ended up ordering a huge bottle of alchole (I believe it was a saki, possibly a chuhi-saki mix) and then we played the games. The games ranged from idiotic to sadistic in drunken scope. Brian and I emerged sober (Brain didn:t drink last night), Dan and Arnel emered in very good shape, the Japanese people and Chris emerged wasted, and Flora was, to coin an Irish term, "tottally shit faced." It was crazy, wild, fun-esque and I am strengthened in my resolve that drinking isn:t for me.

Tear Filled Goodbyes
Today at about 2:30 my abilical to the outside world was picked up and cut. A delivery man came and took my precious Thinkpad away to be shipped for repare from IBM. My machine wouldn:t boot, at all. So it isn:t like I have really lost my connection to the world, because I lost it when my fan died. But still, not having my machine in the room reminds me how very far away my State side friends and family are. I should have my computer back in about 1 week. I miss a friend a lot right now, and my mind drifts to her troubles and how I can do what is best. I wish I could give her a hug. I miss being connected, or at least feeling connected to everyong back in the old country.

Just one more week though.

I will keep you all informed, given my current connectivity to the non-Japan world, you will be the last to know.

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