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Still waiting on IBM to get back to me. It will be 48 hours by the time today is over. That isn:t a terribly long time, mind you. But I am still on summer vacation time here in Japan so without a computer sometimes the days drag.

I have been playing a TON gamecube, mostly Mortal Kombat Deception which is a really great game. I have started a season in Day of Reconing but so far I am dissappointed with the lack of choices in the game as far as your character going face/heel. Perhaps that will change.

I also have been renting movies. First up was Star Ship Troopers 2. I have not read the novel, "Star Ship Troopers" and have heard the movie has little to do with the book. I liked the movie, it was by no means art but still I liked it. It was quirky and fun. Star Ship Troopers 2, on the other hand, was a direct to video craptacular movie. I knew that renting it, and was prepared for the badness. It was a horrible movie, but had moments of enjoyable badness.

Next was Marvel's The Punisher. The Punisher was rated R, which is odd for a super hero movie. But really the Punisher needed to be. He doesn:t fit in with the usual super hero crowd. The back story is a ganster kills a former FBI agent:s whole family, and so the agent decides to take on crime. Where other super heros are happy enough to throw on a cape and/or mask and beat the snot out of criminals, The Punisher kills. He wears a simple long coat and a skull shirt. He wears no mask. It is a significantly darker take on the vigelanty role. I thought the movie was under rated. Like Batman Begins the Punisher does a great job showing that the "hero" is often times just as messed up as the villian. The only distinction between the two is the hero fights, loosly, on the side of justice. The movie has some flaws, at times it tries to be too happy and make the Punisher "human." But the ending was well done, and the ending was not overly happy. If you are looking for an interesting take on super hero-dom The Punisher may be your thing. Alas, don:t expect a sequal it did not do well in theaters. People are not yet ready to accept that comic book characters are not just for the under 10 crowd.

Sitting at home now (for yes dear readers and only friends I am back at the "Time Cafe: Internet, comic, game, food") is Sky Captian and the World of Tomorrow. The fact that it is all blue screen should make it really interesting to watch, I think the Japanese movie Cashern was as well. I am excited to see it. After I return those two movies I will probably get the Godfather Trillogy, because I am the only human being on earth that hasn:t seen them.

As an interesting aside sometimes movie names in Japan do not get translated as is from their English origionals. Here are a few I can think of, I find them funny and will do more as I encounter them:
Bring it On ---> Cheers! (poor David)
The Astronaught's wife ---> スパス タラー (Space Terror)
The Whole 9 Yards ---> ヒトマン (hitman)
The Whole 10 Yards ---> ヒトマンス (hitmans)
Me, Myselk, and Irene ---> 2 男および女性 (Two men and a woman)

Well kids, that about does it. I have to go pay for this sesson and grab some lunch. I will try and keep everyone up to date-ish.

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