Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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My fan is officially broken. My computer fails to boot now, not because anything ELSE is broken but because the fan is broken. This is probably a good thing so that nothing gets heat fried, but still, GARRRRR.

I am in the internet cafe, so my punctuation will be creative. They have really swanked the place up, I am in a cubicle now. Made of wood. But I am mad and needed to explain future punctionation lapses so enough of this chit chat...

Fans don:t break! They just don:t. How many people have you heard of having their fan break? NONE that:s right. IT DOESN*T HAPPEN. IT JUST DOESN*T!!! It is like chocking on a pretzel, it doesn:t exist. Well now you know someone that has had their fan broken... me!

IBM is on the case, I hope to get a real email back within a day or so. Then the real issue of getting it replaced starts.

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