Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

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My computer shut down, when I restared it I got a "fan error" so I let the machine sit. Putting my hand where I think the fan exahust should come from, I do not find a hot wind blowing. Hmmmm, my fan may have died on me. I sent a request to IBM, they were uber prompt about the CD drive that died a year back, so I have high hopes. The machine is still under warrenty. My big fear is having to send it away to be serviced, particuarly if there is not an IBM official servicer (if that is a real word) in my immediate area. Anybody know how easy it is to replace a fan on a lap top, i.e. could I do it?

My machine is running fine right now, but I have my main room fan more or less blowing right into the port. Ohh crap I hope this isn't an issue >:(

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