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I just finished tearing through Joss Whedon’s space western Firefly. I watched the entire series in like 2 days. The series is what the upcoming motion picture “Serenity” is based on. It was a brilliant series, though it only lasted one season. I have no idea why something like Firefly would only last one season when crap like “Friends” can run for approximately 50% of my life. It just goes to show that we live in an unfair and unjust world. I am partial to space westerns ever since seeing Cowboy Beepop, cemented further by re-watching the original Star Trek, and then bolted in place by Trigun. Firefly is a mesmerizing, hilarious, and touching run. Why did it get canceled? Ahhh, it makes no sense. I think I like Firefly better than I do Buffy and Angel. But I am still riding the euphoria that Whedon writing can produce, so some careful thought and reflection is needed. I like the feel of the show a little more. I like the format and the style. There is nothing Whedon does that I would not gladly watch. He is amazing. Firefly will end up in my dvd collection one day, that’s for sure. I am sad to see that the movie seems to cut out the character of Shepard Book, but it is also understandable. The series is a 14-15 episode run, summing to a total of around 630-675 minutes of plot development. The movie, on the other hand, will likely be 120 minutes or so. I still have very high hopes for the movie, but the series will undoubtedly outshine it. Do yourself a favor, watch Serenity and Firefly. And then hope that Serenity is such a HUGE success that more seasons of Firefly are made. Why did it get cancelled? IDIOTS.

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